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Time....our most precious possession.

When I stop to think about who I am, I can't really get away from my passionate pursuit to create wealth! Now, maybe some skeptics already cringed at my very first line, but please read on.

I really feel no need to defend my position, I only want to expound further. I believe that life is short. I also believe that most people never really get to realize their dreams. And the single most predominant factor is because..."they have to work."

And "having to work" is what gets me out of bed the earliest. I don't want to have to work. I truly want to amass enough wealth to produce enough passive income, in order to get out of the rat race, and find myself one day no longer having to work!

That is what gives me joy in this job of Real Estate. I firmly believe that investing in Real Estate is simply the most basic, time tested, and nearly guaranteed path to creating wealth!

Here is a picture of my family last year.

I remember just a few short years ago having our first child. Now she's 13 going on 30! So know this, we're not running short on smarts or passionate pursuit of financial freedom...we're only running short on time.

I hope you'll allow me to go to work for you, in hopes of helping you too realize all of your dreams. Whatever they may be...


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